How To Lose 22 Pounds in One Month

Currently there are hundreds of methods for losing weight, but from this obese people not become less. For many people diets are not suitable, drugs and supplements are not effective or very harmful. Gym is a great tool, but not all have such strength of will.

So, how to lose 22 pounds in one month without harm to your health? The first thing that you need to do is buy a scale, preferably electronic ones that would be possible to track changes in body weight. In order to understand what contributes to adding to your weight, and that helps to reduce the weight, you need to measure your weight daily at the same time. This will be the best control efficiency of different methods in the fight against obesity.

How to eat
– Begin your breakfast in the morning. Breakfast should not be light.
– At lunch try to eat high-grade, but after lunch need to stay a little hungry!
– Dinner, where possible, eased. Only until 18.00! If later, even the apples go into fat.
– Also during the day you need to exclude sweets. If you eat them, the whole effect of the morning exercises will come to nothing. Instead of sweats eat only apples, cucumbers and tangerines.

Need to spend more energy than getting it from food, i.e. need to move more! Try to take for a rule to do some exercise in the morning, after waking up, just 15-20 minutes. Only by this you can lose weight by 50-70 grams per day. If you want more, then you can add in your plan for weight loss walking 30 minutes a day.

One time in 2 days for 15 minutes need to take a bath for weight loss. After one month of such procedures your weight has reduced by 10-12 pounds.

How to reduce your appetite?
Once the weight goes down your appetite will increase. There are herbs that can help you – it’s corn silk, duckweed, flax seeds and fireweed. This set of herbs can be found in special collections “for weight loss.” They will help you overcome the stress.

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2 Responses to “How To Lose 22 Pounds in One Month”

  1. Terry says:

    I also had problems with being overweight. The most important thing is make a strict diet and follow it and not give up.

  2. Sema says:

    Yes you can do this it werkors even faster this way I have used a small amount of juice because the taste isnt pretty in water. (but it works well to do this) Thanks for your question it was a good one.

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