Best Soup For Weight Loss

Best Soup For Weight LossAmong the most diets for weight loss, soup diet is rightfully one of the best and most effective. With this diet you can get pretty quick results. During the week you can lose weight by 10 pounds. This diet cleanses the body of toxins. Its advantage is that it is absolutely safe for health and allows the body to receive the necessary vitamins and minerals.

There are different soups for weight loss. The most common among them is the tomato soup, avocado, corn, onion soup, etc. The main components are a variety of vegetables, which can be divided into 3 groups.

The first group includes products that can help burn fat deposits. For this group of foods are avocados.

The second group includes products that prevent the penetration and accumulation of fat from food. These legumes are soybeans, peas, as well as carrots and apples.

The third group is a low calorie food. It is the basis of the diet. This includes cabbage, cucumbers, and tomatoes.

Soup diet requires adherence nutrition regime, which means eating at least 3 – 4 times a day. Drink more water 1.5-2 liters per day, green or black tea, coffee without sugar.

Onion soup for weight loss
Take a medium-sized head of cabbage, 6 medium onions, and tomatoes to taste, 2 green peppers, and a bunch of celery. All vegetables should be cut and pour with cold water. Bring to a boil and boil for 10 minutes, and then cook over low heat.

Cabbage soup for weight loss
Cabbage soup for weight loss is not only cabbage, but also from 3 large onions, 2 carrots, 1 sweet pepper, 5 large tomatoes (or 3 tablespoons tomato paste), fresh herbs and salt and pepper.

Cook the cabbage soup for weight loss is very easy – all ingredients in shredded form are thrown into boiling water (2.5 liters) and cook until done.

Celery soup for weight loss
To prepare celery soup for weight loss, we need a small head of cabbage, 200 grams of celery, and 6 large onions, 600 grams of carrots, two green peppers, tomatoes 6, beans, and 0.5 liter of tomato juice as well as any available green.

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